Fletchers Plumbing in Bristol, Connecticut (CT)

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Fletchers Plumbing & Heating has been in business for 82 years. As a child Bob Fletcher watched his parents build a successful business out of their home in Forestville. Through the years, Bob expanded and remodeled the showroom, warehouse and offices, Started by Bob's grandfather in 1928, the company grew largely because of Bob's dedication and service to the community, his work ethic, and a whole bunch of happy customers. "What separates us from other plumbing and heating businesses is we've served this same community for so long, we're part of the culture and the fabric here"

In 2010 Bob chose SolvIt as his partner of choice. Bob says "others were interested in us, but we felt SolvIt was the only one who could assure us that we would still be able to serve our customers the same way we've been doing it for the last 82 years. "SolvIt is by far the most technologically advanced and best run companies in the business."

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